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Excellent Service

When we arrived in Ulaanbaatar from the East Coast, the freezing temperatures in the winter kept us from walking around town as much as we would have liked. We were given the Help taxi number by some colleagues, and Help taxi made our lives so much easier. Since we had not yet learned Mongolian, we were dependent upon English speakers to help us with most everything. Every time we called (they are fluent in English) or sent a text to Help Taxi (all in English), someone would respond with a confirmation that yes, a taxi was available to pick us up and drop us off at our specified destination, or they would indicate that a taxi was not available at that time. The communication and service provided by Help Taxi has been exceptional, and it has helped us enjoy the beautiful city of Ulaanbaatar. The service is better than most in the States. Highly recommend this service for English speakers living in Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia.
tourist, Whitney

Help Taxi

I lived in UB for 15 months and the first time I heard about Help Sukhee and his drivers was through a friend who referred to them as the "safe taxi company" and it didn't take long to know exactly what that meant. No matter where I needed to go, how far or what time, Sukhee was always on call and I always felt secure. All of his drivers are so friendly and super helpful always offering a hand with groceries, suitcases, delivering children, anything. I never understood why people would risk getting into unknown cars especially at night when Help Taxis is available. Sadly, I don't live in UB but love staying in touch with Sukhee and am looking forward to seeing his lovely team when I visit again.
tourist, Olivia Kimble

Help taxi

I would like to thank you and your Help Taxi service for making my life in Ulaanbaatar so easy. As one of your first customers i am so happy to see how your business has grown. i greatly appreciate everything you have done to keep me safe at night and I am sorry to say farewell now I go back to Australia Kind regards Yvette yvettecarmen@hotmail.com
tourist, Yvette

Excellant Tour Guides!

I traveled with Sukhee for about 3 weeks total. We went to Lake Huvsgul to the camp, we went to Terelj National Park, and we did Naadam Festival. It was all amazing, fun and Sukhee was an excellent guide and source of information. In Huvsgul we were in tee-pees by the river, we hiked, boated, visited a local family (arranged by Sukhee) and just had a wonderful time. He made all the arrangements SO easy and helped with everything we needed. I was with my father and aunt (72 and 68 respectively) and they were comfortable and at ease the whole trip. Naadam was another amazing experience. Sukhee was able to explain a ton of stuff to us (his English is great!) and being a local allows an inside perspective on pretty much EVERYTHING! We saw the Opening Ceremonies, the wrestling, the archery, and most interesting for me, the horse racing out in the countryside. All the travel was arranged and the people were wonderful and kind. Such an amazing experience and Sukhee was an integral part of that experience. I would recommend this business on the strength of Sukhee alone! Super double thumbs up!
tourist, Christy Peeples, Kalispell, MT, USA

Help Cab city service.

I have been using the services of the Help Taxi since 2011 and have been very pleased with the quality of the taxi service that has been provided by this company. I use Help Taxi when ever our family car is with my husband or when I judge that the parking challenges in the city center of town will be too daunting. I have always been impressed by the punctuality, cleanliness, friendliness and overall reliability of the Help Taxi service. I also find it very helpful that the dispatchers speaks English so well and that through them, I can always have the taxi driver understand clearly my destination. In fact some of the drivers do speak some English and I have come to appreciate getting to know them somewhat after using them repeatedly as Help taxi chauffeurs. Last year I used Help Taxi's tour guide services when I had some friends from abroad visiting. I was very pleased with knowledge and efficiency of the tour guide in getting us to tourist sights in and around Ulaanbaatar. Most of my friends do not own a personal vehicle and rely on taxi services to be transported around Ulaanbaatar. Help Taxi is invariably their first choice. I know that some of them even have a standing order with Help Taxi for morning and afternoon pick-ups to get to and from their workplace. I hope that from my comments, you will appreciate the high value that I place on the services of Help Taxi in Ulaanbaatar to help smooth out the challenges of moving around big city in a developing country where not much English is spoken where the public transport system does not meet my needs, and where the prospects of the moving to and fro in the city as a pedestrian, especially when temperatures dip to -30"c are not feasible. Sincerely Yvonne.
tourist, Yvonne stearns

Khan Khentii tour.

The tour was just what I wanted. being with three Mongolians was perfect and they were a great combination. They seemed to really like each other and were always in a good mood, laughing and talking. I felt we were relaxed together; I could say when I wanted to stop to take picture or for any reason and they were always happy to accommodate me. Bor is a wonderful and his family too. I won’t forget his brother, “Fish”! The visit to Bor’s farm where he grew up was a highlight. We climbed around on the rocks where Bor climbed as a child and had picnic lunch nearby. Bor often sang as we travelled along on the cart : ) Your brother was amazing. I can’t imagine another 17 year old who would always be happy unpacking a cart, peeling potatoes, washing dishes, etc. Amra was a good friend to me and answered all my many questions. She is a “jack of all trades” who can whip up tasty meals plus ride a horse and everything in between! My sister and I visited her place of work where she and the other ladies make the felted products. We were super impressed with their work. She showed us the process of felting; it is very labour intensive. Here' s a suggestion: Could you add a visit to Amra’s place of work on your tour? Amra could get some money (and sell some products). It was a treat for my sister and I to be with local women and see the dedication to making their products. When we got back to Bor’s ger, Amra, Olanna and I hiked up a hill nearby. It was fun and gave a good view of Bor’s place. It was possible to go further and I would have liked to go higher but we headed back down as we didn’t have time.
tourist, Deirdre Goodwin

Khuvsgul Tour with Miles with Smiles

Hi, I'm Greca, on my third year and counting as first grade teacher at the International School of Ulaanbaatar, here in Mongolia. I can vouch for Sukhee and Help Tour-Miles with Smiles Company. I have been his most loyal customer since 2011. Going to Khuvsgul Lake was my first big tour in Mongolia, with my daughter for company - she's the one on the canoe, on Toilogt Lake. I wanted to show off the beautiful vastness of my host country, Mongolia, and Khuvsgul was just the place. Sukhee organized everything for us - local plane tickets, pick-up transport, accommodation, food and drinks, activities- and he even sent his beloved Suvdaa to accompany us. She was perfect company. Ysabelle and I were very much impressed. Hey! We felt like royalty! Everything catered to. Oh my gosh! Sukhee reserved Toilogt Camp for us, the best - beautiful teepees or log cabins or wooden gers or felt gers - by the legendary Khuvsgul Lake. Beautiful, beautiful nature, flowers, animals, and of course, lovely people. Mongolians are most hospitable and caring. Our days were spent getting hypnotized by the amazing, spectacular, breathtaking, overwhelmingly grandiose beauty of Khuvsgul Lake and its environs. We also went on exhilarating horse rides, canoe paddles, boat rides, family visits, milking kicking yaks and visiting the one and only Original Angry Birds (dive-bombing seagulls in the bird island sanctuary; the cormorants were more calm). And oh yeah! We got to meet the Reindeers! Rudolph the red-nosed one was not around but Prancer was there and the rest of the herd. Fancy gulping a bowl of warm reindeer's milk tea in the shaman's teepee? Suvdaa was with us at all times - taking care of our needs. She was getting up in the middle of the night to throw firewood into the stove, to keep the fire going, to keep us warm. That was in June, in the summer, but snow fell just before our arrival, so kind of chilly. Back in UB, we were warmly met at the airport by Sukhee and his American mother, Susan. In short, that tour with Sukhee was the "BEST COOL." So when friends from around the world or Ysabelle come to visit, it's right away "Hello Sukhee, please send pick up at..." You are always in good hands - "YOUR LIFETIME'S JOURNEY'S WITH MILES WITH SMILES." THANKS A MILLION SUKHEE, SUVDAA, ERDENE TSOGT, ENKHBOLD, BATCHA, BATAA, BUYAA, MYAGAA, CHINZORIG, JAVKHALAN, ZAYA. Truly yours, Greca Durant Primary Teacher International School of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
tourist, Greca Durant and Ysabelle Durant