Khuvsgul Tour with Miles with Smiles

Hi, I'm Greca, on my third year and counting as first grade teacher at the International School of Ulaanbaatar, here in Mongolia. I can vouch for Sukhee and Help Tour-Miles with Smiles Company. I have been his most loyal customer since 2011. Going to Khuvsgul Lake was my first big tour in Mongolia, with my daughter for company - she's the one on the canoe, on Toilogt Lake. I wanted to show off the beautiful vastness of my host country, Mongolia, and Khuvsgul was just the place. Sukhee organized everything for us - local plane tickets, pick-up transport, accommodation, food and drinks, activities- and he even sent his beloved Suvdaa to accompany us. She was perfect company. Ysabelle and I were very much impressed. Hey! We felt like royalty! Everything catered to. Oh my gosh! Sukhee reserved Toilogt Camp for us, the best - beautiful teepees or log cabins or wooden gers or felt gers - by the legendary Khuvsgul Lake. Beautiful, beautiful nature, flowers, animals, and of course, lovely people. Mongolians are most hospitable and caring. Our days were spent getting hypnotized by the amazing, spectacular, breathtaking, overwhelmingly grandiose beauty of Khuvsgul Lake and its environs. We also went on exhilarating horse rides, canoe paddles, boat rides, family visits, milking kicking yaks and visiting the one and only Original Angry Birds (dive-bombing seagulls in the bird island sanctuary; the cormorants were more calm). And oh yeah! We got to meet the Reindeers! Rudolph the red-nosed one was not around but Prancer was there and the rest of the herd. Fancy gulping a bowl of warm reindeer's milk tea in the shaman's teepee? Suvdaa was with us at all times - taking care of our needs. She was getting up in the middle of the night to throw firewood into the stove, to keep the fire going, to keep us warm. That was in June, in the summer, but snow fell just before our arrival, so kind of chilly. Back in UB, we were warmly met at the airport by Sukhee and his American mother, Susan. In short, that tour with Sukhee was the "BEST COOL." So when friends from around the world or Ysabelle come to visit, it's right away "Hello Sukhee, please send pick up at..." You are always in good hands - "YOUR LIFETIME'S JOURNEY'S WITH MILES WITH SMILES." THANKS A MILLION SUKHEE, SUVDAA, ERDENE TSOGT, ENKHBOLD, BATCHA, BATAA, BUYAA, MYAGAA, CHINZORIG, JAVKHALAN, ZAYA. Truly yours, Greca Durant Primary Teacher International School of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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