Khan Khentii tour.

The tour was just what I wanted. being with three Mongolians was perfect and they were a great combination. They seemed to really like each other and were always in a good mood, laughing and talking. I felt we were relaxed together; I could say when I wanted to stop to take picture or for any reason and they were always happy to accommodate me. Bor is a wonderful and his family too. I won’t forget his brother, “Fish”! The visit to Bor’s farm where he grew up was a highlight. We climbed around on the rocks where Bor climbed as a child and had picnic lunch nearby. Bor often sang as we travelled along on the cart : ) Your brother was amazing. I can’t imagine another 17 year old who would always be happy unpacking a cart, peeling potatoes, washing dishes, etc. Amra was a good friend to me and answered all my many questions. She is a “jack of all trades” who can whip up tasty meals plus ride a horse and everything in between! My sister and I visited her place of work where she and the other ladies make the felted products. We were super impressed with their work. She showed us the process of felting; it is very labour intensive. Here' s a suggestion: Could you add a visit to Amra’s place of work on your tour? Amra could get some money (and sell some products). It was a treat for my sister and I to be with local women and see the dedication to making their products. When we got back to Bor’s ger, Amra, Olanna and I hiked up a hill nearby. It was fun and gave a good view of Bor’s place. It was possible to go further and I would have liked to go higher but we headed back down as we didn’t have time.
tourist, Deirdre Goodwin