Help Cab city service.

I have been using the services of the Help Taxi since 2011 and have been very pleased with the quality of the taxi service that has been provided by this company. I use Help Taxi when ever our family car is with my husband or when I judge that the parking challenges in the city center of town will be too daunting. I have always been impressed by the punctuality, cleanliness, friendliness and overall reliability of the Help Taxi service. I also find it very helpful that the dispatchers speaks English so well and that through them, I can always have the taxi driver understand clearly my destination. In fact some of the drivers do speak some English and I have come to appreciate getting to know them somewhat after using them repeatedly as Help taxi chauffeurs. Last year I used Help Taxi's tour guide services when I had some friends from abroad visiting. I was very pleased with knowledge and efficiency of the tour guide in getting us to tourist sights in and around Ulaanbaatar. Most of my friends do not own a personal vehicle and rely on taxi services to be transported around Ulaanbaatar. Help Taxi is invariably their first choice. I know that some of them even have a standing order with Help Taxi for morning and afternoon pick-ups to get to and from their workplace. I hope that from my comments, you will appreciate the high value that I place on the services of Help Taxi in Ulaanbaatar to help smooth out the challenges of moving around big city in a developing country where not much English is spoken where the public transport system does not meet my needs, and where the prospects of the moving to and fro in the city as a pedestrian, especially when temperatures dip to -30"c are not feasible. Sincerely Yvonne.
tourist, Yvonne stearns