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Gobi discover tour






Arrival in Ulaanbaatar capital city of Mongolia.

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Meet our guide and driver, transfer to hotel and after some rest, depending on the time of arrival in Ulaanbaatar city, take a city tour to visit:

 Gandan monastery, Zaisan monument and the Museum of National History.




South Gobi and  Yol valley


Flight to South Gobi. Drive to Yol Am known as vulture valley in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan mountain (45km)– this sunless canyon has a particular beauty with narrow paths broadening in places between rocks, while buzzards and eagles wheel and glide in the blue skies above. The cliffs of the canyon block the sunlight from the rivers below, so that they remain frozen throughout the year.



Tourist camp.


Khongor sand and dunes

Drive to Khongor sand dunes (195km) - the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. Dunes of Khongor is known as the « singing sands » and rise from the plain reaching a height of 80m and extending for about 180km in length. The spectacular dunes are bordered by lush green vegetation supported by a small river, the Khongoriin gol.


Stay overnight at a nomadic family Ger.


Khongor sand and dunes leisure day

Day without driving. Hiking and sliding on the sand dunes. Camel riding along the edge of the sand dunes. Relax and enjoy and learn more about Mongolian nomadic lifestyle.


Stay overnight at a nomadic family Ger.


Flaming cliffs Bayanzag

Drive towards Bayanzag (150 km) - classic desert of rock, red sands, scrub, sun and unbelievable emptiness that has become known to the world as "Cemetery of Dinosaurs.” The red sandstone cliffs and canyons of Bayanzag are where the American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews first discovered fossil beds of dinosaur bones and the first ever recorded dinosaur eggs in 1922 – these discoveries made world headlines. Nowadays there is a local museum which displays important facts and some exhibits of this famous area.



Tourist camp


Central Mongolia Ongi temple

Drive to the north towards Central Mongolia.

Visit Ongiin Khiid This monastery was founded in 1760 and consisted of two temple complexes on the North and South banks of the Ongiin Gol River.  The northern complex, built in the 18th century, consisted of 17 temples-among them one of the largest temples in all of Mongolia.



Tourist camp



Drive to Kharkorum (240 km) – ruins of ancient capital of Mongolian Empire built by Ogodei Khaan in 1235.

Visit Erdene Zuu monastery, phallic rock, statue of kings and the local market for interesting souvenirs and artworks.


Local guest house


 Ogii lake

Drive to Ogii lake (80 km) - another lovely place of silence and tranquility. You can walk along the lake shore, ride horses, go bird watching and fishing.


Tourist camp


Khustai national park

 Return to Ulaanbaatar via Khustai, to explore wild horses or Takhi, widely known as Przewalski horse. Przewalski horses are the only wild horses to survive in modern times.

Khustai has good vegetation, springs, birch forest and rocks which are suitable for many wild animals including 46 species of mammals and 172 species of birds.


Tourist camp.


Arrival back to UB.

Upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar, go shopping at the Black market and Gobi cashmere stores.

Attend Mongolian traditional folklore concert.

Farewell dinner.





Transfer to airport or train station


Tour style  traveler.

Tour duration 11 days 10 nights

Note. Tour can be changed to suit your time and preferences.

Tour includes: Domestic air ticket, three meals a day, water(1.5 liters), English speaking guide(for the duration of the trip), driver(for the duration of the trip), vehicle, gasoline, all park fees including entrance ticket, horse and camel  riding; and  accommodations in local Ger camps or hotels.

Tour does not include:

International air fee, any alcohol beverage, souvenirs and insurance 

Tour price. Solo traveller 1700$

two person  1400$ per person

three people  1200$ per person

four people 1000$ per person.

Capacity 4 pax 

Gobi Desert is one of the world’s legendary places, feared as uninhabitable yet attracting travelers because it is so forbidding. It covers one third of Mongolia’s land area, and is fascinating for its geography, history, and pre-history, plants, animals and human society. There is a lot of variety within the Gobi Desert, from wildlife parks and mountains to canyons with dramatic rock features.

In 1991 the United Nations designated the Gobi Desert as fourth largest Biosphere reserve in the world.

The Gurvansaikhan mountain national park includes the strictly protected and very special zone of Yoliin am (Vulture valley). It is famous for its dramatic and very unusual scenery. It is a valley in the middle of the Gobi Desert, with meters-thick ice almost all year around.

Bayanzag, which is known as the Flaming Cliffs, so called because of the colors that flare in the setting sun, is renowned worldwide for the number of dinosaur bones and eggs found in the area by Roy Andrew Chapman.

The singing sands of Khongor are one of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. They extend for some 185 km, some of the dunes are 800 m high, and the views of the desert from the top are wonderful. As the dunes move the sand particles rub together and this often produces musical sounds.



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