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Blue Pearl Lake Khuvsgul
Blue pearl Lake Khuvsgul







 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar capital city of Mongolia.

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Meet our guide and driver, transfer to hotel and after some rest, depending on the time of arrival in Ulaanbaatar city, take a city tour to visit:

 Gandan monastery, Zaisan monument and the Museum of National History.





Khustai national park, Hugnu khan mountain and sand and dunes.

Drive to Khustai, to explore wild horses or Takhi, widely known as Przewalski horse. Przewalski horses are the only wild horses to survive in modern times.

Khustai has good vegetation, springs, birch forest and rocks which are suitable for many wild animals including 46 species of mammals and 172 species of birds.

Other attractions: Hugnu khan mountain and sand dunes. Camel riding included.


Stay overnight at a nomadic family Ger


Kharkorum and Tsenkher hot springs

Drive to Kharkorum (70 km) – ruins of ancient capital of Mongolian Empire built by Ogodei Khaan in 1235.

Visit Erdene Zuu monastery, phallic rock, statue of kings, the local market for interesting souvenirs and artworks and Tsenkher hot springs to relax in the spa and enjoy the therapeutic cure of this famous spring.


Stay overnight at local tourist camp.


Khorgo terkhiin national park via Tsetserleg, Taikhar rock and Chuluut canyon.

After breakfast journey will continue to Tsertserleg town. Short city tour. Visit to Zaya gegeen Monastery and its ethnic museum. Drive further to Taikhar chuluu rock at the bank of Tamir river and stop by Chuluut canyon. Arrival at Khorgo national park.


Stay overnight at a nomadic  family Ger.


Khorgo terkhiin national park

Day without driving. Spend the day around the beautiful Terkhiin Tsagaan nuur lake. Horseback riding to the extinct volcano called Khorgo mountain. Easy hiking to the volcanic crater and back to base family.


Tourist camp.


Lake Huvsgul lake via Zuun lake and Jargalant

Start driving to Lake Huvsgul via Zuun lake. Tented night near lake




Lake Huvsgul   and Khatgal town.

Continue driving towards Lake Huvsgul via Jargalant village and Murun town, the center of Khuvsgul province. Arrival at Khatgal, pit stop before Lake Huvsgul tour. Hike around town and visit the only Mongolian harbor.


Local guest house.


 Lake Huvsgul

Drive to Toilogt tour camp.  Relax and enjoy beauty of the nature.

Biking, hiking or kayaking or canyon (optional )


Tourist camp


 Lake Huvsgul.

Horseback journey to nearby mountain, meet tsaatan ethnic group family. Return to the camp.


Tourist camp.


Murun and Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast drive back Murun city to catch a flight to Ulaanbaatar.

After arrival depending on time shopping around visit to black market and Gobi cashmere factory store. Attend Mongolian traditional folklore concert

Farewell dinner.





Transfer to airport or train station


Tour style  traveler

Tour duration 11 days 10 nights

Note. Tour can be changed to suit your time and preferences.

Tour includes: Domestic air ticket, three meals a day, water(1.5 liters), English speaking guide(for the duration of the trip), driver(for the duration of the trip), vehicle, gasoline, all park fees including entrance ticket, horse and camel  riding; and  accommodations in local Ger camps or hotels.

Tour does not include:

International air fee, any alcohol beverage, souvenirs and insurance 

Tour price.  Solo traveller 1650$

two people  per person 1500$

Three people per person 1300$

Four people per person 1100$


Capacity 4 pax

Lake Huvsgul, the Blue Pearl of Mongolia, is the country’s deepest and second largest lake. It is 136 km long, 36 km wide, 262 meters deep and is located at an altitude of 1,645 m above sea level. The outflow from Lake Huvsgul drains into the Eg River, which flows then through Selenge River and finally reaches Lake Baikal in Siberia. 

Lake Huvsgul lies within the boundaries of the Huvsgul National Park, among beautiful forested mountains with thousands of evergreen trees, lofty mountain peaks, and trout filled streams and lakes, and dense pine forests, meadows blanketed with flowers and air filled with songs of different birds.

Untouched by industry and modern urban life, the Lake Huvsgul’s water is unbelievably clean. It contains two percent of the world's fresh water resources. This is a place in Mongolia where you can get a sense of total unspoiled wilderness.

Taiga fauna and flora, lifestyle of Tsaatan people, breeder of reindeer, are the main attractions for tourists. The area is paradise for outdoor travelers and there are plenty of room for activities like hiking, birding, fishing, horseback riding and kayaking. Lake Huvsgul National Park is on the important migration route for birds from Siberia, thus facilitating marvelous opportunities for bird watching. 


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