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Terelj National Park Day Trip
Terelj National Park Day Trip

Head east and north side of the city 65 km away Terelj national park.

Visit to Chinggies Kkhaan statue.  See the museums of Bronze Age and Chingis Khaan. Drive further to local shamanic site Ovoo

Arrive at turtle rock, explore, visit to local Buddhist temple, hike and hike around.

Camel riding and photo with eagle are available.

Lunch at local restaurant.

Continue drive to end of the national park to horseback journey.

Visit to local nomadic family; learn about their life style.

Arrival back to city.

Mongolian traditional folklore concert


Tour length 1 day

Tour included: Gas, vehicle, driver, entrance fee to museum, national park and road, riding fees for horseback riding and camel riding fees.

Tour does not included: souvenir and any alcohol beverage.

Tour highlights: destination Ulaanbaatar, Terelj national park, Chingis Khaan statue, and turtle rock, Buddhist temple, visit to shamanic ovoo and nomadic family and traditional Mongolian folklore concert.

Tour price:

solo traveller 150$

two people per person 120$

Three people per person 90$

Four people per person 80$

Note: tour length and destination can be changed to suit to your time and preferences. 


Terelj National park is recognized as a part of the huge Khan Khentii reserve and was established as a Strictly Protected Area in 1992. The park's most spectacular features are its huge granite blocks and cliffs as well as meadows rich in wild flowers.

Terelj offers fascinating rock formations against a background of pine- covered mountains.

The average elevation is about 1600 m., with peaks reaching 2900 m. The park is rich in flora and fauna and reminds of beautiful Alpine valleys.

The distance from Ulaanbaatar is nearly 65 km. Its green meadows carpeted with edelweiss and a dazzling variety of other wild flowers attract nature lovers. Typical round rock masses determine the look of the overwhelming nature. It is a wonderful hiking and horse riding area. You can visit a nomad's family or just let yourself be absorbed in the silence of nature. 


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