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Head south of Ulaanbaatar city 60 km Manzushir via ZuunMod.

Arrive at to Manzushir, explore around, visit to Local museum and old Buddhist temple site.

Hike around and photo shooting.


 Visit to local nomadic family.

Arrival back to the city.

To attend Mongolian traditional folklore concert 

Tour length 1 day

Tour included:  gas, vehicle, and driver, entrance fee to museum, national park and road, all riding fees, lunch.

Tour does not include: souvenir and any alcohol beverage.

Tour highlights: destination Ulaanbaatar, Zuunmod, and  Manzushir Monastery, local museum, hiking, visit to nomadic family and traditional Mongolian folklore concert.

Tour price.

Solo traveller 130$

two people per person 100$

three people per person 80$

four people per person 65$

Note: tour length and destination can be changed to suit to your time and preferences.

Manzushir Monastery ruin is located in the southern entrance of Bogd Khaan National Park. This 18th century monastic complex was left in ruins after the communist purges of the 1937s.

There had many valuable and rare Buddhism scriptures. For example Marvelous scripture which is with golden script on silver leafs . Now it scripture is saved in Central library of Mongolia.

A new temple has been built next to the ruins of the old temples and serves as a museum with pictures and artifacts from the original monastery. By the time there are also some Gers, a restaurant and a natural history museum. The surrounding area is perfect for walking in green woods, meadows and clear water mountain streams.


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